The 5 must-see spots in Arches National Park

United States / Monday, July 2nd, 2018
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The Arches National Park is a definite must see location for any travelers visiting Utah. Located close to Moab the park plays host to a magnificent spread of natural rock formations. The red rock structures have over time been sculpted and manipulated by the environment around them. The result of this process is the unique shapes that we see today. The park contains more than an impressive 2000 natural sandstone formations so if you are at all interested in geology, the park will be especially fascinating to visit. Offering magnificent photo opportunities, you will be able to take away lasting memories of your visit to the area. Read on to discover five of the best geological creations that the park has to offer.

1. Landscape Arch

Probably one of the most famous natural arches in existence, Landscape Arch is located within the "Devil’s Garden" of Arches National Park. In order to access this beautiful arch you will need to walk approximately 1.2 miles. The heavily trafficked path is mostly flat and well-groomed but can be strenuous in the blazing sun and is not to be underestimated. It will be well worth the effort once you reach the amazing Landscape arch. The arch is about the length of a football field and varies in thickness. It is approximately 8 feet thick at its thickest point. Visitors used to be able to walk underneath but due to falling rocks on it is no longer safe to do so.

A photo of the Landscape Arch in the Devils Garden in Arches National Park with a blue sky

2. Devil's Garden

Richly populated with some of the world’s best arches and spurs, the Devil's Garden track is well worth hiking. The trail offers different lengths and difficulties for varying enthusiasm levels. The first part of the trail, leading up to Landscape Arch, is the part that most visitors hike. This is about a one-mile hike from the start to Landscape Arch, the total trail covers a little over seven miles of pristine rock formations. Be prepared for more challenging terrain should you choose to traverse the full path. Your reward is seeing some of the world’s best arches and spurs set in front of an idyllic Utah backdrop. Some of these include the famous Navajo Arch and “The Fins”.

A photo of The Fins in the Devils Garden in Arches National Park

3. Skyline Arch

Skyline Arch is located within an easy reach from the nearby parking lot. A hike of half a mile will take you to the beautiful arch. Not as well-known as the others, it is ideal for those wanting to make a stop in a quieter section of the park. This arch is located high up in the rocks which is where the name comes from. Skyline Arch is perfect for those who want to experience the splendour of the rock formations but don't want to trek too far on difficult terrain to reach the landmark. Skyline arch offers especially beautiful photo opportunities at sunset.

A photo of the Skyline Arch at Arches National Park

4. Balanced Rock

The balanced rock gets its name from the precarious positioning of the boulder. It is balanced on top of a pillar and is the size three school buses! It is one of the most visited formations in the park and offers easy access from the main road. You can take photographs from the comfort of your car, or if you feel like getting a better view there is a hiking trail that will take you closer to the formation.

A photo of Balanced Rock in Arches National Park with clouds behind

5. Corona Arch

Located just outside the bounds of Arches National Park, Corona Arch is another fine example of these remarkable rock formations. Corona Arch is famous for rock swinging, many people have attempted to swing from the arch but I wouldn’t recommend it. The site can be accessed by a 2.4-mile hike from state route 279. It is worth noting that the trek from the road to the arch doesn't offer a lot of shade, remember to bring enough water and stay hydrated as you trek. The Corona arch is really worth visiting and it is one of the best arches that the Moab area has to offer.

Picture of two people walking on top of Corona Arch

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