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Are you a female solo traveler and feel you have something important to say? I would love to hear it! Posts about outdoor adventures in any country I’ve featured, as well as more personal stories, or tips and tricks are welcome.

If you are interested in writing an article to be featured on the Where Is Sarah website, with exposure on Facebook and Instagram then have a look at the guidelines below.

Please comply with these guidelines, otherwise, I unfortunately will not be able to publish your post.


Please contact me here and include the following:

  • A short introduction about yourself and your journey
  • A link to your website or social media
  • 2-3 topic suggestions including titles – please search this website to see if the topic has already been covered
  • Your article should be inspiring or helpful for future travelers
  • I only accept guest posts from bloggers or private persons

If your idea is suitable:

  • Send me your article in text or Word format
  • The content must be written by you and contain no plagiarism
  • Your post should be between 700-1200 words
  • Please check your spelling, grammar, and phrasing
  • If possible, use subheadings
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  • No product or personal branding should be in the photos
  • I reserve the right to edit your content
  • Articles written in third person preferred
  • The tone should be positive, chatty and light-hearted
  • The article shouldn’t be overly promotional towards any particular brand
  • If desired, include a 50-200 word biography with a quality square image of your face.
  • Please include any social media links you would like advertised

And finally:

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I am looking forward to reading your ideas!