Infinity Scarf with Hidden Pocket – Pang Wangle Infinity Scarf Review

Travel / Saturday, November 17th, 2018
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I was on the hunt for an alternative to my money belt when I came across the theft-proof infinity scarf with hidden pocket. After thinking this was an amazing idea I did some research until I found the Pang Wangle Insect Shield Infinity Scarf and thought it would be perfect to review.

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Features of the Pang Wangle Infinity Scarf

The Pang Wangle Insect Shield Infinity Scarf is one of those products that you can pack in your bag for almost any trip.

In summer it can be used as cover from the sun and an insect repellent. It contains Permethrin which is an insecticide made from the chrysanthemum plant so is completely natural.

In winter the infinity scarf will keep you warm in temperatures above freezing as it is made from cotton and recycled polyester.

The feature that makes it most suitable for traveling is the scarf has a secret pocket where you can stash your valuables discreetly.

Who is the Pang Wangle Infinity Scarf for?

This infinity scarf with a secret pocket is for male and female travelers who want a simple and natural solution to insect bites whilst keeping their belongings safe. It works in everyday life for casual walks, festivals or catching up with friends when you don’t want to carry a bag. It’s also fantastic for when you’re traveling on a plane, an overnight bus or walking through cities which can be questionable.

The scarf with hidden pockets comes in a range of gender-neutral colors and is one size fits all.

As you know I like to support businesses that care for the environment and make sustainable products. Pang Wangle is clearly focused on environmentally conscious fashion. Their eco-friendly fabric is a blend made from recycled plastic in their solar-powered facility in North Carolina.

Pros of the Pang Wangle Infinity Scarf

  • The color of each scarf comes from the polyester portion of the poly/cotton blend. The polyester has been repurposed from recycled plastic which is spun into yarn and blended with cotton. Each colorway was created purely from the color the object was in its past life.
    For example, Food Tray black repurposes old food trays, Rethink Pink used to be ketchup bottles and Soda Pop Green was created out of Sprite and 7-Up bottles. Isn’t that just awesome?
  • The scarves are made in a factory with no carbon emissions as the company uses solar power.
  • It’s a product with multiple uses which as a traveler, I love. It can be worn as a wrap, as a double or single loop or over your head which is perfect for countries like India. This is also great for when you don’t want to put insect repellent on your face or in your hair.
  • The insect repellent is natural and registered with the EPA so it is safe for children and pets. It will repel all the nasties you don’t want on your skin: mosquitoes, ticks, ants, and flies. The repellent is natural, odorless and will last over 70 washes as the repellent is in the fabric fibers.
  • The fabric is easy to launder which is just what you want on your travels.
  • The hidden zipper pocket is 5 x 8 inches which can fit your passport, credit cards, and some cash.


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Cons of the Pang Wangle Infinity Scarf

  • Though the fabric is soft to touch and made from recyclable materials, in my experience a cotton/polyester blend is more likely to pill.
  • Cotton/polyester is also hard to repurpose once the scarf is worn out and can no longer be used.
  • The scarf becomes quite heavy when there is more than just a passport, credit cards, and money in there so I wouldn’t recommend it for your phone if you’re walking around. For something like a flight where you’re sitting it wouldn’t be an issue.
  • The price tag is a little steep.

Alternative Products

Alternative products for an infinity wrap scarf are the cheaper Pop Fashion Scarf which is made from 100% Polyester. Being 100% polyester is wouldn’t be as comfortable in hot climates as it’s synthetic and doesn’t breathe as well. This scarf is probably too lightweight so wouldn’t keep you warm in cooler climates.


Another company selling these is Enjoy Holiday. They use a quality YKK zipper and material which is more suitable for the cooler months.

The Verdict of the Pang Wangle Infinity Scarf

Though the price is on the higher end for what it is, I think it is worth the investment for the features you get compared to its competition on the marketplace. Quite frankly, the hidden pocket travel scarf is a genius idea and I like how they're in plain colors so they're not easily recognizable.

I like that the scarves are made in the United States under fair conditions and they’re putting resources into being sustainable. For that alone, I would prefer to buy it over a cheap Chinese copy.

I think the built-in insect repellent is so unique and clever as I really don’t like putting bug spray near my face.

As I’m not one to put a lot of time or care into my washing habits when traveling, something that’s easy and durable is great for me.

The hidden zipper is not something I would use on a day-to-day basis but it gives me so much more confidence when traveling to certain countries and on overnight transport.

I have had a money belt for years but really dislike using it. It’s uncomfortable, bulky and obvious in summer clothes so this scarf will make the perfect replacement.


Interested to know more? Check the scarf out here.

If you have any questions about the scarf, please comment below!

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  1. Thank you for this review. I stumbled soon these tyoes of infinity scarves after my husband was surprised when I said I would not be able to fit 2 passports (mine and a child’s), Cc’s, and cash in my skinny jean pockets.

    We are headed to Germany in April and as I planned in packing a scarf or 2 anyway I thought these might be perfect.

    After a few months, have you used it and do you have any further pros/cons?

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