Things to do in Nakusp, BC

Canada / Friday, October 12th, 2018

Morning Sights


Nakusp was a town made for relaxing. Although in saying that, if you’re keen to get out and about in nature, here is the perfect place to do it. A local favorite is the Kuskanax Mountain Trail. There are three different variations you can choose when doing this hike:

Route 1 is from the Turner Road Trailhead to the summit. This moderate hike is 4.8km long and will take you about 3 hours return with an elevation gain of 357m. This trail will take you through gorgeous rhododendrons and ferns, up a boulder slope and across an alpine meadow before taking the short ascent to the summit.

Route 2 is from the Kuskanax Mountain Road Trailhead to the summit. With more elevation gain at 930m, the longer 8.8m trail will take about twice as long as route one. This trail is made up of a number of switchbacks packed with incredible views. You’ll find yourself crossing over the sandy ground and beneath rock cliffs before wandering through a ridge lined with spruce. After making it through the gully you’ll arrive at the summit.

Route 3 is the Loop Route which is a little more challenging. Taking 5-7 hours depending on your fitness level, the 13.6km hike sure will test you.

Whichever way you take, the top will spoil you with panoramic views above the treeline on top of Kuskanax Mountain. These are all truly stunning trails each in their own way.



Close by you’ll find the town of Nakusp. This is a gorgeous country town full of character. If you’re lucky enough to be visiting on a Saturday, between 8am-2pm you’ll find the local farmers market.

Stock up on locally grown fruit and veggies, grab yourself a fresh loaf of bread and find a quiet spot by the lake to enjoy your customized, handmade lunch. Just how you like it! McDonald Creek Provincial Park will do just the trick!


Whilst you’re close, spend your afternoon browsing through the quaint shops in Nakusp before making your way to the Halcyon Hot Springs for a well-deserved leisurely evening.

An Evening Dip

Arguably the best time of the day to jump in the hot springs is in the afternoon and evening. Watching the sunset over the mountains just across the water is stunning on a clear day.  Close your eyes, breathe and relax in the thermal temperatures.


In the cooler months, the hot springs have a cozy outdoor fire lit near the entrance. On a mostly still night, sit and watch the steam float across the top of the water, dancing ever so lightly in the breeze turning left, right and in circles until it drifts away into the darkness. The perfect way to end a day in Nakusp.



In the main building of Halcyon Hot Springs, you’ll find the beautifully laid out dining room, the Kingfisher Restaurant.

Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner you can enjoy views out the large windows while enjoying their quality food sourced locally within 100 miles of the restaurant. The dining room is homey yet elegant with lighthearted staff who are more than attentive.

You won't be disappointed, and everyone else knows this too, so make sure you book in advance to ensure a table!

Where to Stay

If you're spending a day in Nakusp, staying at Halcyon Hot Springs Village is a must. With all kinds of lodging types to suit your accommodation style, there's something for everyone. From Queen cabins which sleep two to loft chalets which can sleep up to eight, it's the perfect way to stay in luxury whilst feeling like you're in the wilderness. The convenience of a restaurant, spa and of course the hot springs are all a bonus.

The accommodation is spread out ensuring everyone gets peace and quiet and of course those killer views. The pride and joy of Halcyon Hot Springs are the Loft Chalet. Equipt with everything you could need and more, including an oversized bathtub and heated floorboards. The fully-equipt kitchen will enable you to cook up a feast, then enjoy a hot cup of tea on the generously sized couch in front of the gas fire.


In warmer weather, Halcyon Hot Springs have kayaks to rent. Book at reception then take the short walk down to the calm lake. In the cooler weather enjoy rugging up and taking a walk along the rocky foreshore to absorb the beautiful views.



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  1. I love British Columbia!! I was just there last month for my 40th birthday!! It is sooooo beautiful!! Didn’t go to this part though, I’ll have to check it out when I go back!

  2. I love your travel blog Sarah! Nakusp seems like a very nice place to visit! Love all your recommendations- makes planning so easy!

  3. This looks absolutely amazing. I live near Toronto, Canada and have never had the opportunity to visit this beautiful place or anywhere in British Columbia. I’m going to make this one of the places I’d like to visit this year. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I seriously swoon over all of your travels…. can I please just sneak into your bag next time, I promise I wont make much noise, just feed me good food!!!

  5. Now I’m thinking I need to visit Nakusp and British Columbia! I love how you gave so many details about what to do, where to go, your stay and adventures. Having the pins on the map is a great idea too. It looks like a wonderful place to visit!

  6. I have lived in BC for a good handful of years, and I have never heard of Nakusp! Now you got me thinking about going for a relaxing getaway with the family. Love how you broke it down so we know exactly what to do when we do go! Gorgeous.

  7. Nakusp, British Columbia looks amazing! I love hiking and kayaking and would love to go sometime. The view from the pool sounds perfect too!

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