Things to do in Spokane, Washington State

United States, Washington / Saturday, October 8th, 2022

Morning Coffee

The best way to start your day in Spokane is at The Rocket Bakery on Wall Street. With coffee that meets Seattle standards, you’ll have no trouble launching into your action-packed day!

The Rocket Bakery also bake and serve a range of interesting sweet treats including lemon bread, iced blueberry scones and giant peanut butter cookies which are more than difficult to resist.

They've been doing this for 25 years and have a few bakeries around with Wall Street being one of their newest. Check out the eclectic décor mixing a range of modern and old-school styles including a beautiful long hardwood table town the center of the cafe.


Morning Sights

Let out your inner child

Just down the road near the river bank is the historic, music box inspired Looff Carrousel first built in 1909. The wooden carousel was recently restored over the course of 18 months to be what it is today. Take your pick of one of 54 horses or take on the giraffe, tiger, or goat, all hand carved by Looff himself.

As it is housed in a temperature controlled building it also makes the perfect rainy day activity. Although not very adventurous, you’ll have more fun than you expect on this $2 ride.


Summer Skating

Between April and October, celebrate the summer months by rollerskating on Spokane’s new Skate Ribbon. Admission is free and there are skates and scooters available to rent. The Ribbon is open until midnight but keep in mind the rental shop is only open until around dinner time.

Winter Skating

If you happen to be visiting in winter, between the months of November and February swap your roller skates for ice skates. This scenic trail through gondola meadow is made entirely of ice and includes slight inclines and declines to test your skills. Close by are multiple cozy firepits, perfect for enjoying a comforting hot beverage to help you warm up.

The ice skating experience is amplified in winter with activities such as free ice skating lessons, live music, dress up nights for you and your dog, and happy hours. Forget about SUP yoga, go one better and try yoga on ice!


Just across the road from Spokane’s famous waterfall is a large building with a green sign labeled My Fresh Basket.

It may not look like much from the outside, and essentially it is a supermarket, but after entering the doors you’ll be greeted by a coffee roaster, a poké bar, layers and layers of fresh organic fruit and vegetables, a sushi station, a deli full of freshly pre-made sandwiches, a soup bar and a hot bar stocking nearly every type of comfort food you could hope for.

The hot bar, priced on weight, includes tasty dishes such as roasted veggies, oven baked chicken, roasted potatoes, mac n cheese, coconut lentils, and chickpea cauliflower. It also has a range of freshly cut cheese, fruit and veggies so you can feel a little better about your eating habits after devouring that morning treat.

Sit outside on the deck, upstairs inside if it’s raining, or take your healthy lunch down to the riverside to enjoy the sunshine. The take-out containers make it super easy to eat on the go if you’re in a rush to get to your afternoon adventure.



Water Adventures

Spokane is full of water activities to get your blood pumping and the adrenaline rushing. With an abundance of roaring rapids, trickling streams and still lakes there's plenty of options to choose from.

If it's a warm day in Spokane, rent kayaks and stand up paddleboards from Fun Unlimited to take out on the calmer section of the river. Better yet, paddle yourself to No-Li Brewhouse for a refreshing craft beer. If you prefer to do it as a team, call the crew at Fun Unlimited to jump on one of their tours.

For a faster-paced watersport activity, jump on a raft with the fun team at Wiley E Waters to ride the whitewater rapids of the Spokane River. They have multiple trips for you to choose from, all at reasonable prices, and if you want to raft in style, check out their Wine and Dine Floats.



Get up close with hundred-year-old pines as you fly from tree to tree with Timberline Adventures. This canopy style zip line course will give you a bird’s eye outlook of wildlife, foliage, and the charming lake Coeur d’Alene beneath.

Enjoy the view from the two breathtaking sky bridges and take a leap of faith with the auto-belays. The 7th zip, which soars 1600 feet in length and 400 feet high, even comes with a little surprise.


Despite first impressions after hearing the name, Frank's Diner is the place to go to in Spokane for a great meal. Take a seat at the bar in this old ornate railroad carriage and watch the chefs prepare your homestyle meal.

If the bar is full, pop into one of their booths. Limited seats generally mean a wait time so come early! The meals are a refreshing take on an authentically traditional diner menu.

Been missing mum's cooking? Feast out on their roasted turkey dinner or meatloaf.


Where to Stay

The iconic Davenport Hotel, originally built in the 1920s is known for its luxurious rooms, extravagant foyer, and main hall.

After Louis Davenport died in 1951 on the 11th floor of the hotel, the building slowly diminished and closed its doors in 1985. Plans were made to demolish this magnificent building and make it into a multistory parking lot.

Thankfully, when Walt and Karen Worthy bought the property in 2000 they invested $60 million into its restoration to make it what it is today.

With prices starting at $150 per night, you’ll soon realize this reasonably priced hotel is a bargain once you walk through the entrance!

Who knows, you may even stay in the same bed as Ringo Starr, Taylor Swift, Antonio Banderas or Amelia Earhart!

Even if you don’t stay here, make sure you spare some time to discover the remarkably elaborate rooms including the Marie Antoinette Ballroom, Isabella Ballroom, Grand Pennington Ballroom and my favorite the Hall of The Doges.



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  1. I have never been to Spokane, but now I really want to go!! Sounds like there is so many awesome things to do, and great places to eat and stay for the night!

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