The 5 Best Swimming Holes in Sedona

Arizona, United States / Thursday, July 28th, 2022

In the spring and summer, Sedona in Arizona is known for its hot temperatures. The mornings are perfect for hiking but the afternoons should be reserved for relaxing and keeping cool in the best of Sedona swimming holes. Swimming holes in Sedona are suitable for all types, from family-friendly shallow pools to cliff jumping for the older kids.

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Read on to discover the 5 Best Swimming Holes in Sedona.

Grasshopper Point

Grasshopper Point is located along Oak Creek just two miles south of the Encinoso picnic area. This swimming hole is shaded, cool and surrounded by rugged scenery. There are areas for cliff jumping but keep in mind the water depth varies. To access the swimming hole you can scramble down the rocky track from the parking lot or if you’d prefer to earn your reward, take the hiking trails leading from the car park. Since there are capacity limits the parking spots will disappear quickly, especially during the weekend.

If it is busy, keep in mind visitors generally don't stay the whole day so a parking opportunity is sure to arise. You can park further down the road but the walk is obviously a little longer. I recommend visiting on a weekday as it’s much quieter. Once you're parked grab your gear and head down to the end of the parking area south of the restrooms. Plenty of shade is on offer but still be sure to bring lots of water as well as all of your other picnic essentials.

There is an $8 entrance fee per vehicle.

Slide Rock

Slide Rock is the most popular of Sedona swimming holes, though the crowds can at times make it more fun. It’s a natural slice of paradise with perfect summer temperatures making it one of the best and most loved swimming holes in all of North America. The slide has continuous water running which is a treat to slide down keeping swimmers cool during summer.

Both kids and adults experience a lot of fun when sliding on the chute where they then drop into a waist pool. There’s a shelf that sits six feet above the water that is perfect for cliff jumping. Slide Rock has spacious parking that can hold hundreds of cars. During the summer months, this place gets very busy therefore entrance to the park can take some time as the car park gets full quickly.

There is a $20 entrance fee per vehicle.

Red Rock Crossing

Red Rock Crossing is an oasis in Sedona which is also extremely popular but doesn’t feel as crowded. The location is perfect with a stunning view of Cathedral Rock in the distance. Though the temperatures of the water are slightly warmer than Slide Rock, there is no doubt you’ll still stay cool. The prime swimming hole has shade, a “beach” and picnic tables.

This hole is just about a tenth of a mile from the parking area, located a couple miles from the center of town. To the west of the parking area, there's a smaller and shallower hole which is very suitable for kids.

There is a $10 entrance fee per vehicle.

The Crack at Wet Beaver Creek

The Crack at Wet Beaver Creek is a much-loved gem in the scorching desert heat. While hiking towards The Crack there are many spots to stop along the way, some of them being swimming holes. Each requires a short hike off the main trail but the water here is amazingly cool and will bring you relief from the dry heat. There are also areas from which you can jump from into the pool.

The jumping areas range from eight feet to as high as thirty feet. If jumping isn’t your thing, there is plenty of rock space to lounge around on. The water in Wet Beaver Creek is refreshingly cold and will easily take your breath away for a second.

There is no parking fee to park at the trailhead.

Bull Pen

Bull Pen is the perfect swimming hole for all ages. The water is spacious with clear blue water and has something for everyone. The water at Bull Pen has a calm flow that is very easy to swim in. The other end of the creek boasts a rock formation for cliff jumping. With plenty of places to cliff jump from varying heights, the deepest section of water is around 10 feet. Bull Pen features a shallow and sandy pebble-bottomed beach on the north which is great for wading with little ones. The ground is quite smooth but I would recommend wearing some water shoes.

The hole is 15 miles east of Camp Verde and is located along West Clear Creek. Drive down a five-mile dirt road then hike almost a mile along a flat trail to get there. The prize at the end of the trail is very much worth the effort.

There is no parking fee to park at the trailhead.

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  1. I want to visit the Sedona vortex area and swimming areas this year with my family, so you have a suggestion on what campsite near a vortex is the best?

  2. Hey Michelle,
    We didn’t get a chance to stay at any campsites near a vortex in Sedona so can’t recommend a specific one, but if you google “family camping near Sedona vortex” and look at the reviews on the map view, it looks like there are a few good ones to choose from. Let me know what you decide!

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