5 Things to do in Bright in Autumn

Australia / Tuesday, April 5th, 2022

Sitting in the heart of the snowy Australian Alps about 320km north of Melbourne, you are just about to discover one of Australia's oldest National Parks. It is a great destination for any season as there are so many attractions in Mount Buffalo. Winter is very popular as it’s one of Australia’s first opening ski facilities and renowned for its cross country skiing. In summer the mountain is full of enthusiastic campers, bushwalkers, and fishermen.

Read on to learn what activities to expect during Autumn in Mount Buffalo and the nearby township of Bright. It’s the perfect spot for you if like the outdoors, a variety of adventurous activities and breathtaking views.

The National Park has over 90km of walking trails, gorgeous alpine scenery, an array of native plants and wildflowers and more wildlife than you can poke a stick at. Mount Buffalo sits on the edge of the Snowy Mountains and from the right lookouts, offers unmissable views over the valley. Visit the 35 square kilometer plateau and it’s astonishing rock formations. A little fun fact: the most well known - called Leviathan - weighs about 30,000 tonnes.

Are you an adventurous nature lover? Great! Mount Buffalo is the perfect destination for you.

Ladies Bath Falls

Ladies Bath Falls In Mount Buffalo

This area takes its name from the ladies bathing here in the 1930s and ’40s after their long train journey from Melbourne. Only a short drive up the mountain and a 400-meter stroll will take you to the crystal clear plunge pool. The waterfall, with water streaming down from the very top of Mount Buffalo, helped to create the significant gorge over the years. Ladies bath Falls is a fantastic place to start your weekend, enjoy your morning tea on the boulders that mark the edge of the pool.

Pro tip: This is a fantastic place to bring your bathers on a warm autumn day.

Camping at Lake Catani

One of Mount Buffalo’s most visited areas, Lake Catani is a beautiful spot where you can try your luck at fly-fishing or paddle in a kayak. The camping ground sits on a flat area by the lake which also marks the starting point for many bush-walking trails and rock climbing cliffs. The top-notch camping facilities at Lake Catani are open November to April and reservations are a must. Autumn is the shoulder season so you can book last minute on your phone via their website and should easily secure a campsite unless it’s a long weekend.

Pro tip: During the peak season campers need to be self-sufficient with water supplies. During the low season water is available from the lake but using water purifying tablets are recommended.

The Horn

The Horn Mount Buffalo

Climbing to the top of The Horn should be number one on your list. Being the highest point on the mountain at 1723m, the Horn offers a stunning 360° view over the Australian Alps and makes for an incredible photo opportunity at sunset, but even more so at sunrise. Appreciate the best lunch views around as you make use of the picnic tables next to the car park.

Pro tip: The walk from the car park to the peak is steep but not too long or strenuous. It is definitely worth the effort with a rewarding view over the valley. You can drive your car up the winding gravel road, however, it is not possible to take trailers, buses or big vans.

Rollason Falls

Rollasons Falls Mount Buffalo

A crystal clear waterhole, Rollason falls is the perfect spot to reach on warm autumn days but can still be enjoyed on those not so perfect weather days. A 4km return track will reward you with a refreshing swim under the falls. The route is quite easy but gets a little steep towards the end and slippery on a wetter day. You will have to choose between the upper and lower falls. To witness the sheer size of the waterfall choose the lower option. Otherwise, you can start at the top and explore while you walk through the shallow rock pools down to the bottom.

Autumn leaves turning color in Bright

Bright in Autumn, Mount Buffalo

On your way home make time to take the 10-minute detour via the small town of Bright. Autumn is the best season to visit Bright and one of the most popular places to visit this season. Most travelers get together in Delaney Avenue to watch the wonder of Nature. Leaves are turning to all the different shades of yellow, red and orange and the view is just breathtaking.

While you're there you can join in one of many activities available in town: guided ranger walks, mountain bike rides or for more adventurous experiences try hang-gliding, a scenic flight or helicopter ride. At the end of your stay when you are out of energy, Bright will restore you with great wineries and lovely food.

There are plenty of reasons why you should visit Mount Buffalo National Park at any time of the year but Autumn is your best choice. Just driving through the streets is an incredible sight with nature’s changing colors. The weather is at it’s best for you to explore the area as it's not too cold and not too warm. The extra bonus is that Mount Buffalo isn't as busy as the peak seasons with prices also being a little more affordable.

Have I missed any must see areas of Mount Buffalo? If so, let me know below!

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