Things to do in Kelowna, BC

Canada / Tuesday, October 18th, 2022

Coffee and a Takeaway Lunch

In the heart of Downtown Kelowna, you'll find the oh-so-very popular Bliss Bakery. Don't worry if you see a line out the door, it will move quickly!

Bliss Bakery is well known for a few things, and the most important of those is that they use fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Yes! Avoiding the nasty chemicals and preservatives these guys keep their food real.

By combining well-loved flavors from the past and sprucing them up with something new, they keep everyone guessing.

And don't get me started on their coffee... you'll just have to go try it yourself!

While you're busy sipping on your morning coffee, take your pick from one of their mouth-watering lunch options to save for later. Hopefully, you can avoid eating it before lunchtime though!


Morning Sights


Get into that beautiful morning sun!

Just a 30-minute drive from Downtown Kelowna and you'll arrive at the Pincushion Mountain trailhead. This mountain has stunning views of the city and Okanagan Lake.

The moderately difficult trail will take approximately one hour to complete. Appropriate hiking boots and potentially a hiking stick is recommended for the sections of loose gravel on the steep slope.

There are several markers to help direct you. The red markers will take you to the peak whereas the yellow markers will continue forward.

Once at the viewpoint, this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy those Bliss Bakery treats you've been hanging out for!

Find more information about the trail and how to get there here.


Now here’s something you don't find everywhere. Have you ever tried Flyboarding?

Essentially it's when you stand on a board connected to a very long hose. Water is then forced through the hose and down under the boots with jet nozzles propelling you upwards!

Though it looks intimidating, it’s actually much easier than imagined. You'll most likely be flying within 5 minutes of instruction.

Be sure to check out Okanagan Flyboard for your solo or group flyboarding experience.

Where to Stay

Conveniently located in Downtown Kelowna and just a 4-minute walk to the beach is the Prestige Beach House. The place to go if you like your hotels clean and spacious with cloud-like beds for a restful sleep.

With undercover parking, they make life a breeze. Take advantage of leaving the car and enjoying Kelowna on foot.

Once you come back you can look forward to a bath in the granite finished bathroom or a casual beverage on your own private balcony.

If you still have energy at the end of the day, make use of the indoor pool and fitness center. Or if you’re feeling like a night in, head downstairs to the West Coast Grill & Oyster Bar for a delicious meal.



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