Sedona Zip Line Arizona: Zip Line Over a Lion

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Are you visiting the Sedona area and want to try something as extreme as it is unique? In the Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Camp Verde, Arizona you can do zip lining high above the animal exhibits, getting a bird’s eye view into their daily lives. The park is full of bears, lions, tigers and less predatorial animals such as giraffes and zebras.

Predator Zip Lines take the experience to a whole new level. I was concerned about disturbing the animals but the towers are far enough off the ground to keep your distance and the zip line is surprisingly quiet when in use.

Photo Credit: John Armstrong

Photo Credit: John Armstrong

After getting geared up in the harness and helmet, it was time to jump into one of their safari vehicles and drive through the park. This is great for getting a closer peek of the animals. The first tower is the 75 foot aptly named Kilimanjaro tower. Up the top, we had our safety briefing and were soon zipping one by one down the line to the next tower.

Photo of a woman hanging with one hand from a zip line in Arizona with mountains and sky in the background

Photo Credit: John Armstrong

While we were waiting for our fellow thrill-seekers to finish their turn, the knowledgeable guides would inform us about the animals, helping us spot them and sharing their story. It was incredible to learn about these animals I’ve never seen before such as grizzly bears and wolves. Out of Africa Wildlife Park is about conservation and I especially liked hearing how they saved a 7-month-old tiger from being a house pet in an apartment and only being fed cat food. I’m so happy to hear the amazing work Out of Africa Wildlife Park is doing for these wild animals.

A close up photography of a sleepy tiger laying on a platform

Photo Credit: John Armstrong

The tour has a total of five lines and a rope bridge to challenge your balance. The best is saved for last, a 1000 foot zip with three separate lines so you can race your friends over the giraffe enclosure.

Everyone had a fantastic time, including those who were anxious about heights. Having done zip lining before, I knew a few little tricks including hanging upside down to make the experience even more exhilarating. Ask the instructors if you want to try this! Others had an exciting time zipping backward or even hands-free!

Two people hanging up side down on a zip line over a giraffe enclosure in Arizona

Photo Credit: John Armstrong

The guides take safety procedures to make sure everything runs smoothly. There is also a zip line brake on all of their lines to ensure you reach the other side in one piece. You’re not allowed to take any loose items in case they fall and injure an animal. There’s also no way you’re getting anything back from the enclosures. This includes cameras, unfastened footwear and food.

Predator Zip Lines have somewhere safe for you to store your belongings before the tour takes place. A talented photographer will follow you around on the ground to take your photo so make sure you give him a smile and wave. The photos are available to purchase after the tour.

Other experiences they have available are the 1000 foot Racing Raptor line if you have a group of 24 or more and also a full night tour in complete darkness. Zip lining gives such a rush and a sense of freedom, I felt like one of the eagles I’ve seen flying around.

You’ll need to reserve your position in advance so check out Predator Zip Lines over Out of Africa here.

All images were taken by John Armstrong.

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